Presentation Skills Training Courses in Auckland

Boost your Confidence, Engage your Audience and
Get your Message Through

Choose from our two public presentation skills training courses in Auckland. Whatever your level of experience and confidence, you’ll find that one of these courses suits you.

Free Seminar – Wellington, June 2015
“Master the critical first step of presentation design and delivery”


You’ll learn:

  • how PowerPoint sabotages your focus
  • how to be seen as organised and relevant
  • how to design your presentation more quickly
  • how to ensure the engagement of your audience
  • how to open an impromptu talk in a way that makes you look super-smart.

Your presenters:

Olivia Mitchell and Tony Burns are the founding directors of Effective Speaking. Their training is practical, valuable and full of fun.

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Introduction to Presenting

A one-day presentation skills training course for beginners and for people who get very nervous. This course introduces you to the essential skills of presenting to give you a kick-start. We understand that you may be apprehensive about coming on a presentation skills course and have designed this course to be a safe and encouraging introduction. You don’t have to present to the group or get videoed.

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Complete Presentation Skills

A two-day presentation skills training course for people with some experience. This course is limited to six people and is an intensive experience designed to catapult you from where you are now in your presentation skills to the next level.  We know you probably have some degree of nervousness (because most people do) and so we create an environment where you feel safe to experiment and stretch yourself.

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Early bird prices available for a limited time

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Here’s what you’ll learn:


  • Our SpeakerMap™ system – an easy five step process for planning a presentation that will save you time and get you great results
  • The scientifically tested and elegant format for designing PowerPoint slides
  • How to identify and neutralise your specific anxiety trigger and boost your confidence
  • How to apply simple delivery techniques to be both credible and engaging
  • Practical strategies for handling Q&A and tricky audience situations (Two-day course only)


Cliftons Conference Centre, 45 Queen Street, Auckland

Compare the two courses side-by-side:

Introduction to Presenting
  • One-day training course
  • For beginners and nervous presenters
  • Plenty of practice in small groups
  • $395 to $495 +GST (early-bird and group discounts available)
Complete Presentation Skills
  • Two-day training course
  • For people who want to stretch themselves
  • Limited to six people
  • Plenty of practice in small groups
  • Plan a short presentation
  • Deliver to whole group
  • Video feedback
  • One-on-one attention and feedback
  • $1,850 +GST
  • Early birds available

Testimonials for Introduction to Presenting

I did not feel under any pressure to perform as I had in previous courses. As a result I threw off my inhibitions and gave it a go! Great fun.
Caroline Jones, Foster Care Project Co-ordinator, Parents IncThe instructors were awesome!! I learnt so much and will benefit from the learning tools that were taught. This is a MUST DO training for everybody!
Courtney Brown, BFCE Project Co-ordinator, Turuki HealthcareI knew it was going to be good but during the course I thought ‘this was above my expectations’. I am really happy I took the course.
Veronica Lazzaro Vargas, Research Analyst, Statistics NZ

When I saw the invoice my initial thought was “uhoh, if it’s this cheap, then it’s going to be a waste of a day”. My first impressions totally blew away my initial expectations and I can say that the experience was worth far more than I paid. I can definitely say that this was hands down, the best course I have attended. Funny. Informative. An Experience.
Vance Flavell, Business Analyst, Genesis Energy

The course was well designed to gently take people out of their comfort zone and learn a range of practical presentation techniques and skills. Tony and Olivia are consummate professionals with expert subject knowledge and a style that puts people at ease with wit and humour. If you want to learn to present then get on an Effective Speaking course.
Roydon McLeod, Risk Advisor, Aon Insurance

Absolutely exceeded what I was looking for. Covered all the key aspects that needed to be looked at in the time we had. Extremely helpful and all ideas can be applied to future presentations. The instructors were very helpful and took the time to answer any questions that we had.
Tania Atkinson, Sport Wellington

This course was really great value for money; the environment was welcoming, the presentation and content was engaging and logical – and the day really flew by!
Alpha Woolrich, ACC

The course and it’s content was great and pitched at the right level for my team and I.
As I stated previously the passion and energy you both bring to the day is fantastic and made the day fly as we were fully engaged with both the content and interaction with the other members of the course.
Ross Brackebush, Fulton Hogan

I came to this course having done a few presentations with no training at all. I thoroughly enjoyed the course – Tony & Olivia made it fun and easy to follow. I now feel confident to actually OFFER to give presentations. I now see presenting in a much more positive way and am looking forward to putting what I have learnt into practice. Thanks Tony and Olivia. I have already recommended this course to others.
Natalie Alabaster

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Testimonials for Complete Presentation Skills

Had I known how much I’d get out of this course, I would have done it earlier!
Sarah Holmwood, Rx Species Manager, MerckMy expectations were high as a work colleague who had done the course earlier commented on it to me. She was impressed with the course. Even so the course was better than what I was expecting. This course is in a different league to others I have attended. Far superior.
Hugh Matheson, New Zealand Transport AgencyThe content of the course and the way it is delivered is superb. I would say that the effective speaking course was the best bit of business skills training that I have ever had. The two days are very interactive as well as being informative and educational which ensures that the group remains engaged and interested.
Marc Denholm, National Business Development Manager, Manpower

Your passion for the subject is infectious, and your ability to create such a supportive and fun environment is a credit to your professionalism. I actually enjoyed participating, and by the end of the course I felt like I was with a group of friends, and I wanted to carry on practicing!
Helen Parkes

“Tony and Olivia’s course has already had a huge impact on my work as a presenter. I present for a living but I never realized how much I could improve until I worked with Tony and Olivia. If anyone needs to present to get their ideas across this is a MUST DO course. I was mad not to do it earlier.”
Nick Petrie, Facilitator, Performance at Work

“Although I have attended 3 different presentation workshops, and given many presentations, this course was the best ever, and helped solve the one persistent problem I was having with presentations.”
Roger Poland, Programme Co-ordinator – Surveillance,
Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

At a recent conference the best speaker by far had just attended your course.
Paul Wilson, Contractor Co-ordinator, TrustPower

I thought the course was fantastic. It will definitely help me become a better presenter. I especially liked how each session built on the last and you led us through a journey of small steps. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to be an excellent presenter.
Duncan Mitchell, Director, Dow Group

An excellent course. I felt it really concentrated on me as a speaker/presenter and gave lots of practical help for improvement.
Martin Ryman, Assessment & Moderation Facilitator, NZQA

Fantastic. The best mix of theory and practical of any course I’ve attended. Excellent structure. The two days flew by.
Tim Littler, Team Leader, Medical Assurance Society

“I will be a much better presenter for having been on this course. From preparation to delivery, I feel now I have control over my presentation, my nerves and possible situations that may arise.”
Jade Boxio, Trainer, Kiwibank

The differences between the presentation I did before doing the course and after doing the course were enormous. Using what I learnt made the presentation more interesting, and having ideas on how to improve it and deliver it made me more confident and made it easier.
Rachel Falconer, Revenue Assurance Administration, TrustPower

It’s great to have coaching that works with my natural style and personality rather than try to create a presenter who isn’t me.
Murray Wu, General Manager, Business Transformation, Kiwibank

“This was an excellent and very useful course. It had a good mix of instruction and practical experimentation, in a supportive environment. The high ratio of trainers (2) to trainees (6) , and small overall group size was really helpful in maximising learning opportunities. The approach revolutionized the way I think about presentations, and the way I will plan for and deliver them in future. I unreservedly recommend this course to those wanting to improve their presenting skills.”
Kath Walker, Department of Conservation

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